Success Stories

Member Success Story: Rachel Fisher

Member Success Story: Rachel Fisher

When Artemis introduced the Frequent Sweater challenge—12 workouts per month—I knew I had to do it. Some months it meant I had to arrange my schedule around vacations, or ramp up at the end of the month for a busy work schedule or sick days earlier in the month. But suddenly I realized I had pulled off four or five months in a row. Then it was six months, then it was eight. And now, with the end of September, it's 12 months in a row with 12 or more workouts per month.

Member Success Story: Megan Shrestha


I didn't think I needed personal training. I attend group classes regularly, the workout pushes me, and it's a real challenge to fit anything else into my schedule.  But I had heard other women talking about it and decided to try it for a month. That was a year ago and now I'm hooked!

Personal training is everything I love about Artemis, MAGNIFIED! The things I've learned in PT have helped me see improvement in the group classes: I can do more pushups, I can lift heavier weights, I'm not as tired all the time. It's shaping me into a better athlete. 

But the thing I love the most is the encouragement and camaraderie. I love how Kendra, Rachel, Kathryn, Becky and the other drop-in's in our group always encourage me to hang on, do one more pushup, go a little faster... or make me laugh about it. I look forward to that time every week and I'm thankful for my personal training group at Artemis.

Exercise After Injury

A Testimonial from One of Our Members:

A devastating back injury literally changed my life overnight. Despite surgery, I had constant lower back and sciatic pain. For three years, I engaged in numerous therapies which offered minimal or temporary relief. I gained weight and lost muscle. I gave up on exercising for fear of re-injury. I felt tired, weak, frustrated and hopeless.

Then a friend told me about “a different type of gym”. I was doubtful, but I took the first step by just trying a free class at Artemis. I had nothing to lose. I immediately noticed that people were truly happy to be here! The atmosphere is personal, encouraging, cheerful and fun. Every trainer knows every member, and the members each other. The trainers are knowledgeable and determined problem-solvers who are invested in your individual success. Your goals and progress are clearly important to them. They create a safe but challenging workout that is tailored to your needs and modified for your injuries.

And it works. In just six months, Artemis gave me my life back. With each personal training session, I saw measurable progress I never thought possible given my chronic condition. It has greatly increased my mobility, strength, balance, and muscle definition, as well as my energy level and my mood. It is hard work, and at times there have been minor setbacks. But the trainers here will not give up on you. More importantly, they will not let you give up on yourself.

Every new journey begins with simple, single step. I am grateful that I chose to start mine with Artemis.
— Karen Dunne

Member Success Story: Barbara Wanner

One year ago I had a knee problem. Going up and down stairs was painful and slow, one step at a time, gripping the hand rail. After consulting a physical therapist, I returned to ARTEMIS for weekly training sessions with Cate and Kendra, as well as frequent workouts at “Fundamentals.” Ta-DAH! Knee has recovered!

I just returned from a wonderful 6-day excursion trip to Newfoundland which involved extensive hiking, as well as stepping from the ship into a bobbing Zodiac. I would never have gone on such a trip if my knee was not cooperating. Thank you, ARTEMIS ! 

Member Success Story: Melissa Gill

Member Success Story: Melissa Gill

Before I joined Artemis, my body felt like an obstacle. After years of avoiding any kind of exercise I was pretty out of shape and even more self­-conscious about it. I started noticing I was unable to do things that I wanted to and felt I should be able to and eventually admitted to myself that I couldn’t just avoid exercise forever. 

What I found there was a variety of exercises and modifications for any level, trainers who were attentive and invested in ensuring the class was successful for everyone, and an incredibly encouraging and inspiring group of women.

I quickly realized that shame and embarrassment are irrelevant at Artemis. Everyone is at a different fitness level and has their own individual challenges. No one is there to judge, they’re there to work towards their own fitness goals and to celebrate each other's progress.

Member Success Story: Deb Rorris

Member Success Story: Deb Rorris

I am so lucky that I found Artemis. I had lost 80 pounds and was looking for a program that I would enjoy and could stick with. I needed to loose 40 more pounds and was getting bored with the elliptical. I needed a challenging routine to keep me interested. I wanted something that I knew I would commit to. I am somewhat limited in my choices of exercise in that I have knee issues. I was also still recovering from a broken foot.

I found Artemis and haven’t regretted one single minute. I am stronger than I have ever been. I have endurance and balance. Above everything, I feel extremely grateful to be healthy enough to exercise and to have found such a supportive community.


"The 60-day Challenge was the best thing I've done for myself in years!"

"Best You" 60-day Challenge Success Story: Valerie Solof Monette

In January of 2013, I knew one thing; I had to join a gym. It was time for me to regain my strength, my confidence, my power, and the simple joy of being comfortable in my own skin. And I thought the only way to achieve those results was by slogging through miserable workouts in a conventional gym. You know, the gym: loud, smelly, unwelcoming. Full of judgment and confusing equipment. Dirty, inconvenient, unfriendly. Where you’re just another anonymous, faceless member…unless you pay extra for the slightest personal attention.

Thank goodness I failed to join a gym. Because I found Artemis instead.

The “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was exactly what I needed, at just the right time. Convenient, flexible, with caring, personal attention and meaningful results, this was a complete program that exceeded all of my expectations, launching me on a path to long-term functional fitness. Leaning on my Accountability Partner to stay on track, I quickly developed a three-day-a-week workout habit that I’ve kept up for over 3 years! Fun, engaging, varied; I’ve never loved any type of physical activity more, and I’ve never worked out harder. Now, instead of dreading “the gym,” I look forward to class at Artemis. I see my new friends, I see my mood improve, and I even see myself looking pretty damn good in jeans!

And the Challenge came with an unexpected bonus no “gym” could provide: the Artemis COMMUNITY. When I joined Artemis, I also joined a wonderful group of positive, helpful women who provide encouragement and inspiration, focus and motivation. I’ve never felt so welcomed and supported, and I’m incredibly grateful to be connected with such a warm and vibrant group, all of us striving together for our own individual measure of wellness and health. They are my Secret Weapon!

Committing to the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was easily the best thing I've done for myself in years, and I’d recommend it to anyone, from beginner to advanced, 18 to 80+. In fact, it’s the variety of ages, experiences, fitness levels, and body types that enhance the Artemis experience. No matter what your fitness aspirations are, you can absolutely get on track to making your goals a reality with the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge!

2014 Best You Challenge Results

The Results are In!

Our "Best You 60 Day Challenge" ended last week, it was a GREAT 60 days! We saw amazing successes: 91 collective inches were lost! The changes we’ve witnessed have been amazing! Women who were feeling timid and unsure about the gym are now feeling empowered and confident. It is our pleasure to see so many women embrace the challenge of getting fit with such dedication and vigor. The best part of all of this is that when one client experiences success, then we ALL experience and celebrate it.

We wanted to recognize some of the successes of our clients.

The Overall Winner of the “Best You Challenge

is Jen Andreas, who lost a total of 15 inches! over the course of the challenge, and whose overall fitness grew in leaps and bounds.

Also, we awarded “Goddess” awards to those who performed the most of particular exercises.

The Goddess of Plank

Allyson Yandow – who held plank for 3 minutes 40 seconds

The Goddess of Burpees

Frances Clougherty – who did 30 Burpees in 60 seconds

The Goddess of Push-ups

Beth Ross – who did 30 pushups

The Goddess of Squats

Sage Bagnato – who did 66 squats in 60 seconds.

Amazing! Women come to Artemis to help them achieve many goals: from weight loss to increasing their strength. We doubt that many come into Artemis thinking that they will make new friends. But because our classes and group trainings are so small, you can't help but get to know the women around you. It's amazing what you can learn about someone when you're recovering on a foam roller after a hard workout!

When we started this business, we hoped to create a place where there was a sense of community and support. We know that getting fit and staying fit is more fun, more sustainable, and more achievable when you can celebrate accomplishments with those who've sweated it out right along with you. It's about so much more than just fitness! So, to all the participants of the Challenge, congratulations! And to all of our members, we're proud of you and inspired by your determination and dedication. Keep up the great work, and we can't wait to see you at the gym.

Cate & Kendra