"The 60-day Challenge was the best thing I've done for myself in years!"

"Best You" 60-day Challenge Success Story: Valerie Solof Monette

In January of 2013, I knew one thing; I had to join a gym. It was time for me to regain my strength, my confidence, my power, and the simple joy of being comfortable in my own skin. And I thought the only way to achieve those results was by slogging through miserable workouts in a conventional gym. You know, the gym: loud, smelly, unwelcoming. Full of judgment and confusing equipment. Dirty, inconvenient, unfriendly. Where you’re just another anonymous, faceless member…unless you pay extra for the slightest personal attention.

Thank goodness I failed to join a gym. Because I found Artemis instead.

The “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was exactly what I needed, at just the right time. Convenient, flexible, with caring, personal attention and meaningful results, this was a complete program that exceeded all of my expectations, launching me on a path to long-term functional fitness. Leaning on my Accountability Partner to stay on track, I quickly developed a three-day-a-week workout habit that I’ve kept up for over 3 years! Fun, engaging, varied; I’ve never loved any type of physical activity more, and I’ve never worked out harder. Now, instead of dreading “the gym,” I look forward to class at Artemis. I see my new friends, I see my mood improve, and I even see myself looking pretty damn good in jeans!

And the Challenge came with an unexpected bonus no “gym” could provide: the Artemis COMMUNITY. When I joined Artemis, I also joined a wonderful group of positive, helpful women who provide encouragement and inspiration, focus and motivation. I’ve never felt so welcomed and supported, and I’m incredibly grateful to be connected with such a warm and vibrant group, all of us striving together for our own individual measure of wellness and health. They are my Secret Weapon!

Committing to the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was easily the best thing I've done for myself in years, and I’d recommend it to anyone, from beginner to advanced, 18 to 80+. In fact, it’s the variety of ages, experiences, fitness levels, and body types that enhance the Artemis experience. No matter what your fitness aspirations are, you can absolutely get on track to making your goals a reality with the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge!