Frequent Sweater Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to you! Of course you all win for getting to the gym and working hard each time you come. We had quite a race leading into the last week, when the winner of the Frequent Sweater contest, Kate Lekstutis, pulled into the lead. Kate came to the gym an incredible 24 times this month (which may be more times than I came, and I work here ☺!)

It was hard to get here so much this month. But I have high blood pressure and I don’t take medication. The only way my doctor is ok with that is that I am exercising. And my blood pressure this month has been great!
— Kate Lekstutis

Second place was a tie! Rachel C and Allyson Y both came 17 times this month, and Nicole K was a very close third, with 16 times! 

We congratulate everyone who got to the gym this month, who challenged themselves to do something new and stuck with it! The board is such a great visual.