10 Reasons to Strength Train

1. Build the Body You Want

You can tone your body, shed weight and feel better in your own skin. You will NOT bulk up by strength training. Excessive body fat makes the body bulky not muscle. You will increase your metabolism and burn body fat by strength training. REPLACE 10 POUNDS OF FAT WITH MUSCLE AND BURN 25-30 CALORIES EXTRA PER DAY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE.

2. Lose Weight Effectively

In addition to NOT making you the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, lifting heavier weights increases your metabolism, allowing you to BURN MORE FAT! And if you exercise regularly, you'll keep that extra weight off. 

3. Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life and exercise can play an important role in managing it. Exercise produces endorphins, your body’s natural hormones, that can help improve your mood, improve the ability to sleep, and decrease tension. Exercise can also reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration, and at enhance overall mental function. Who couldn't use that?

4. Increase Self-Confidence

This carries over to many areas of life. Emotional, physical, mental confidence will help you in everything you do.

5. Health Benefits

We probably all know exercise relieves stress in a positive and productive manner. Did you know that exercise:

  • Reduces high blood pressure by approx. 40%
  • Lowers the risk of colon cancer by 60%
  • Lowers the risk of breast cancer by 50%
  • Lowers the risk of Alzheimers by 40%
  • Decreases depression as effectively as Prozac or Behavioral therapy.

6. Other Methods Don’t Work

Fad diets, gimmick exercise machines, anything that's ever been on an informercial... these don't work because they promise a quick fix. The only real way to achieve lasting results is through consistency and change! Get real results by using your muscles and your body in a healthy way.

7. Build Stronger Bones

Because bone is living tissue, it has the ability to remodel and adapt to the physical stresses imposed on it. Individuals who are physically active have been shown to have greater bone mineral density than sedentary individuals. In general, physically active persons are at a reduced risk for osteoporosis, fracture or other ailments related to bone deterioration.  (Source: American College of Sports Medicine)

8. Lead by Example

There is a shortage of positive role models for women. Training for strength, improving your health, and becoming the best possible you is a great way to teach the generations behind us. Show them women are physically strong.

9. Set Positive Goals for Yourself

Easy to do when you strength train. Set goals to improve your performance in the gym. Don’t go with the goal of burning calories. Set yourself up to do one more pushup or to lift a heavier weight. This will create strength training as a lifestyle habit and keep you motivated as you watch your progress. Think only about beating your previous workout and not competing against anyone but yourself.

10. Bring Out the Best YOU

Our job as trainers is to bring out the best you. Each woman has their own strengths and abilities. Some women are good at some exercises, some at others. Be strong in your own right and see what is inside of you.