Jackie: Member Success Story

“I found a place I’m really comfortable and a workout I love. It feels great being fitter and stronger - it’s helped my own confidence a lot in how I feel everyday."

Betsy: Member Success Story

“I told women I was in awe of things they were doing and now I'm in awe that I am doing them!”

Sue: Member Success Story

"I could barely walk in here, I was really out of shape... and now I'm hooked!"


"It's the longest I've ever stuck with an exercise program!"

JB: Member Success Story

JB started coming to Artemis after recovering from back injury. She said, "I wasn’t afraid that I was going to get hurt because they were watching out for me... Not like other gyms!"

In Their Words...

What makes Artemis so special? These women! In this short video see what some of our members have to say about our gym.

This is the one and only gym I’ve stuck with in my life. The staff is fantastic and very professional. The workouts are very effective and efficient. The members are friendly and very supportive.
— Kate Donnelly

I love working out at Artemis! I have belonged to several ordinary gyms over the years and always had to force myself to go as it was “good for me”. The superb personal training I receive in the Artemis classes is a new experience for me. It is motivating and challenging. I appreciate that exercises can be tailored specifically for each woman’s abilities. Routines change frequently which keeps classes fresh and interesting. I also greatly enjoy the company of the other women. We encourage each other to do our personal best. I feel stronger, healthier and proud of myself. Thank you Artemis!
— Jean Kennedy

I feel like I hit the jackpot when I discovered Artemis. I have always been hesitant to exercise in a gym, but Artemis is not an ordinary gym. There is a supportive, friendly atmosphere there, where you are urged to challenge yourself, but at the same time be kind to yourself. If it is possible to feel relaxed while you exercise, that’s how I feel at Artemis. Since starting regular exercise, I have noticeably gotten into better shape. I feel more energetic and more awake than I have in a long time. Thank you to Artemis and all the great trainers there!
— Docia Proctor

Artemis Fitness has created a supportive atmosphere that has helped me stay on-track with my fitness goals. Every time I workout, even in group sessions, I get personal attention to help me maximize my workout. The trainers are very supportive and encouraging, giving me just the right amount of encouragement and nudging to push myself beyond what I thought might be possible. In just a couple of months I have lost weight, gained energy and become noticeably stronger. The trainers are great. I am impressed with their ability to customize workouts for women of all ages and levels of fitness.
— Teresa Davis

A devastating back injury literally changed my life overnight. Despite surgery, I had constant lower back and sciatic pain. For three years, I engaged in numerous therapies which offered minimal or temporary relief. I gained weight and lost muscle. I gave up on exercising for fear of re-injury. I felt tired, weak, frustrated and hopeless.

Then a friend told me about “a different type of gym”. I was doubtful, but I took the first step by just trying a free class at Artemis. I had nothing to lose. I immediately noticed that people were truly happy to be here! The atmosphere is personal, encouraging, cheerful and fun. Every trainer knows every member, and the members each other. The trainers are knowledgeable and determined problem-solvers who are invested in your individual success. Your goals and progress are clearly important to them. They create a safe but challenging workout that is tailored to your needs and modified for your injuries.

And it works. In just six months, Artemis gave me my life back. With each personal training session, I saw measurable progress I never thought possible given my chronic condition. It has greatly increased my mobility, strength, balance, and muscle definition, as well as my energy level and my mood. It is hard work, and at times there have been minor setbacks. But the trainers here will not give up on you. More importantly, they will not let you give up on yourself.

Every new journey begins with simple, single step. I am grateful that I chose to start mine with Artemis.
— Karen Dunne

My fitness routine had been in the doldrums for several years. I’d drag myself to the gym, but most often I’d create excuses not to go. I’d tried several things to get myself excited about exercise again. Finally I stumbled upon Artemis. It is JUST the medicine I was looking for: A different kind of workout space; a different workout philosophy (that is perfect for me!); intelligent and fun women of many age groups with whom to work out and create new friendships; an individualized, balanced, and well supervised workout program that never gets boring. Now seven months later, I’ve seen more dramatic results than I have with any other program I’ve tried. Best of all, I’m still having tons of fun and I look forward to every time I get to go.
— Norma Miller

Artemis is a friendly environment where women of all fitness levels feel comfortable and challenged. The group training sessions are varied and challenging and give me a total body workout in less than an hour. I love feeling stronger and healthier!
— Amy Livingston

Member Success Stories