Member Success Story: Rachel Fisher


I've been a member at Artemis since 2013, when I came in to do the New Year, New You challenge. And if there's one thing I've learned since joining, I am a goal oriented person. Every time there's an Artemis challenge I have to do it. I can give myself a goal, but if there's an external force, I'm way more motivated to make it happen.

Which is why when Artemis introduced the Frequent Sweater challenge—12 workouts per month—I knew I had to do it. Some months it meant I had to arrange my schedule around vacations, or ramp up at the end of the month for a busy work schedule or sick days earlier in the month. But suddenly I realized I had pulled off four or five months in a row. Then it was six months, then it was eight. And now, with the end of September, it's 12 months in a row with 12 or more workouts per month.

I plan to reward myself in some way, but the greatest reward is strength, stamina, resolve, and a clear vision to keeping myself healthy and fit for another 12 months. My favorite part of the consistent visits? My Wednesday personal training crew and the motivation I feel when I improve on a move I couldn't previously do—I'm looking at you, swing overs!