Member Success Story: Deb Rorris

It is spring and there is always the desire for self examination this time of year. We all start thinking about wearing fewer clothes and how we will look in them.

I am observing that beautiful is changing its face; it is looking more healthy and strong. Maybe it is my age and viewing life with a mature outlook, but I like seeing healthier models with less angles and a more muscular frame. I am determined to be healthier and embrace a healthier lifestyle and that includes exercise and, of course, eating well. Artemis offers exercises that are designed with workouts that move your body and build muscles you use everyday. 

I am so lucky that I found Artemis. I had lost 80 pounds and was looking for a program that I would enjoy and could stick with. I needed to loose 40 more pounds and was getting bored with the elliptical. I needed a challenging routine to keep me interested. I wanted something that I knew I would commit to. I am somewhat limited in my choices of exercise in that I have knee issues. I was also still recovering from a broken foot. I found Artemis and haven’t regretted one single minute. I am stronger than I have ever been. I have endurance and balance. Above everything, I feel extremely grateful to be healthy enough to exercise and to have found such a supportive community.

I remember when Kendra first asked me if I wanted to take the instructors examination. I was thrilled and very worried. I had never really taken exercise quite so seriously or with as much thought. Exercise was something to get through as fast as possible. Now they want me to teach it? WOW, that was a big change for me. I studied hard, completed the course, and have been teaching at Artemis now for over a year. I am still learning everyday and especially when I am instructing, but I absolutely love it.

I think back to where I was when I first started exercising and cannot believe the difference - in my body, in my attitude, and in my overall health.  It's been an amazing, difficult road, but I encourage you (wherever you are in your fitness journey) to stick with it.