2014 Best You Challenge Results

The Results are In!

Our "Best You 60 Day Challenge" ended last week, it was a GREAT 60 days! We saw amazing successes: 91 collective inches were lost! The changes we’ve witnessed have been amazing! Women who were feeling timid and unsure about the gym are now feeling empowered and confident. It is our pleasure to see so many women embrace the challenge of getting fit with such dedication and vigor. The best part of all of this is that when one client experiences success, then we ALL experience and celebrate it.

We wanted to recognize some of the successes of our clients.

The Overall Winner of the “Best You Challenge

is Jen Andreas, who lost a total of 15 inches! over the course of the challenge, and whose overall fitness grew in leaps and bounds.

Also, we awarded “Goddess” awards to those who performed the most of particular exercises.

The Goddess of Plank

Allyson Yandow – who held plank for 3 minutes 40 seconds

The Goddess of Burpees

Frances Clougherty – who did 30 Burpees in 60 seconds

The Goddess of Push-ups

Beth Ross – who did 30 pushups

The Goddess of Squats

Sage Bagnato – who did 66 squats in 60 seconds.

Amazing! Women come to Artemis to help them achieve many goals: from weight loss to increasing their strength. We doubt that many come into Artemis thinking that they will make new friends. But because our classes and group trainings are so small, you can't help but get to know the women around you. It's amazing what you can learn about someone when you're recovering on a foam roller after a hard workout!

When we started this business, we hoped to create a place where there was a sense of community and support. We know that getting fit and staying fit is more fun, more sustainable, and more achievable when you can celebrate accomplishments with those who've sweated it out right along with you. It's about so much more than just fitness! So, to all the participants of the Challenge, congratulations! And to all of our members, we're proud of you and inspired by your determination and dedication. Keep up the great work, and we can't wait to see you at the gym.

Cate & Kendra