Success Story: Fran!

I joined Artemis in 2012 because my nutritionist and doctor insisted that I needed to get on an exercise regiment. The idea, my nutritionist advised, was to balance a change in eating habits with exercise. My incentive to make the necessary dietary change and to improve my physical health was simple vanity. I would be turning 60 and I had to start feeling better. The effort has required me to be more selfish and disciplined about time for me, but it is paying off.

In two years, I have dropped 30 pounds and am close to working out 3 times a week at Artemis.

The workouts at Artemis have been strenuous and challenging. But I am approaching my 61st birthday stronger, more stable and more comfortable in my skin than I can remember. The Artemis staff – Cate, Kendra, Kris – who have worked with me in both private instruction and in Fundamentals have challenged me to do more than I thought possible. Their ability to combine drive and humor keeps me coming back.

For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the sometimes grueling effort of staying fit. I still have more weight to lose, my balance is still a bit shaking and my knees…well, aging isn’t fun. But Artemis has been a sort of elixir for feeling young and regaining a confidence that I can stand and move and take on the tasks of living.