A better plan than a diet

How many times have you lost those 5 pounds (or more) only to have them creep back on? Or “I’ll try that new diet/gym/exercise – maybe that will work for me?” Or countless other bargains and demands that we make on ourselves to get where we think we want to be.

Have you done this before? Or maybe you’ve done it over and over and over! You're not alone. 

2/3 of women who lose weight on a diet gain it back (and more) within 2 years. And, it's not that you're a bad dieter, it's because diets don't really work. Diets don't change YOU, and more importantly they miss out on the one and ONLY way to make lasting changes, which is... 
Changing your habits.  

Yes, we know it sounds completely unsexy, boring and difficult. We want a quick and easy fix! A single exercise that will reshape that problem area or magically help us lose extra pounds. If you're looking for real change and results that last, the answer is slow and consistent changes to your habits over time. Specifically, changing eating habits and increasing physical activity. At Artemis Fitness we provide a workouts that are both fun and effective and a supportive community that will rally behind you. Because we're all after the same thing... change, improvement, results!

So how do you do it?

  • Put pen to paper and write down your goal
    Be clear on what you're after and know specifically what you're working for
  • Identify behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts, in detail!
  • PLAN how you’ll re-work that habit you’d like to change
  • Start - not with the end goal, but with a smaller, achievable goal first that will lead you on the right path
  • Measure and evaluate your performance regularly
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Give yourself grace for those moments when you don't get it right and remember that you will get there!

You will only create real change by taking a very honest look at how you got where you are, what it will take to get your WANT and a smart, methodical approach to hacking those habits.

Change isn't easy, but it can happen. Be the exception.

Member Success Story: Fran

Fran has been consistently coming to Artemis Fitness for two years and has lost over 30 pounds! She says "For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the sometimes grueling effort of staying fit. The workouts at Artemis have been strenuous and challenging. But I am approaching my 61st birthday stronger, more stable and more comfortable in my skin than I can remember." Read her full story