Kendra Sowers

Owner and Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications: AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training Group Certification, Certified Life Coach

  1. Why Artemis? I am passionate about empowering women to be confident, happy, and healthy. Artemis is a place where women can meet their fitness goals, learn healthy lifestyle habits, and find a community of supportive friends. As a certified life coach and physically active woman, I believe Artemis is a place where woman can find a community that will nurture and sustain them so they can bring their best selves to their lives.
  2. My Favorite Exercise is planks. I love to feel like my entire core is getting into shape!
  3. My Least Favorite Exercise is mountain climbers. Give me real mountains any day!
  4. What makes me smile? Good friends, hot baths, dark chocolate, goofy kids, adults who remember how to be a kid.
  5. While not at Artemis, I'm enjoying a wacky, but wonderful home-life with with my husband and 3 kids.