3 Reasons Self-Guided Diets Fail

Have you ever wasted time and energy and money on fad diets, weight-loss gadgets, meal plans, or trendy exercise routines only to figure out that they don't work in the long-term and sometimes they even make you feel WORSE?! You're (obviously) not alone. 98% of self-guided "diets" fail.


3 reasons:

  1. You try to change too much too fast, get overwhelmed, and give up.
  2. You develop an all-or-nothing mentality, and it's too stressful to sustain.
  3. Consistency to exercise and nutrition is key – jumping from program to program, diet to diet just confuses your body.

You might be feeling tired or discouraged of being on a vicious cycle of losing muscle, and re-gaining fat, and losing muscle, and re-gaining fat every time one of your "diets" or exercise trend fails. Or maybe you just feel like you don’t where to start to make meaningful changes.

The good news is that we offer something different. Artemis is a gym that focuses on consistency and fun while supporting you in your fitness goals. It is possible to feel great, get the results you're looking for AND enjoy the process. Sure, it takes effort. We don’t try to pretend it doesn’t. But we work WITH you to find a way of making healthy habits to enhance your life. We find a way to help you make the sustainable changes over the long-haul so you don't get burned out and feel like giving up because it's too hard.

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