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Pelvic Health and Exercise

Back by Popular demand!

  • Do you ever leak urine when you laugh, sneeze or workout?
  • Do you use the bathroom frequently “just in case”?
  • Do you avoid certain exercises out of fear you will “leak”?

It’s a common problem for women but it is not normal, AND you can get help.

Francesca Mihok, physical therapist at Phoenix Physical Therapy, will be here to teach you more about Pelvic Floor Muscle Anatomy, Pelvic Floor function and Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment and Return to Function. Free to Members & Best You, $5.00 for Guests

I have been doing Kegel exercises since my babies were born many years ago. My midwife coached me about how to do them, my doctor checked my technique; they only helped a little bit. It turns out I was doing Kegels wrong all along! Jane Kaufman from Phoenix Pelvic Health did a great presentation on how our pelvic floor muscles work and how to exercise them. I felt the difference right away and am so relieved to have that problem resolved. Thank you, Artemis, for having such good workshops!
— Artemis Member
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