Jen Weiss

Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications:  ASFA Certified Personal Trainer, PSIA Level III Ski Instructor

  1. Why Artemis? I am all for women strength training and Artemis provides an environment where women can come lift some heavy things without intimidation. Also, the battling ropes!

  2. My favorite exercise is... Anything back-related: rows, inverted rows, chin ups, deadlifts, etc. A strong back is so important for posture, injury prevention and looking good in a sleeveless dress!

  3. My least favorite exercise ...It is shameful as a trainer to say this, but I always dread push-ups (remember, I'm a back girl). I've really been working on my push-up form and it has been tough but my shoulders thank me.

  4. What makes me smile? Watching my dogs stick their heads out the window of the moving car. Pure joy!

  5. When I'm not at Artemis: I'm a bit of a fitness junky so I'm always reading about fitness and nutrition. I may be spotted doing barbell squats in the basement or weeding our vegetable garden. In the winter, I'll be on the hill skiing or nickname is Snow Bunny after all!