Love to Lift! Weightlifting Specialty Group

Weightlifting Specialty Group

6 Wednesdays starting March 2, 6-7pm
Cost: $59 for members, $89 for non-members

Increase strength and improve technique! Use a weight-lifting bar to do moves such as deadlifts, rows, bench and overhead presses and much more! By learning these lifts & progressively increasing weight or repetitions you’ll gain confidence, strength and pride in a body that can lift heavy. This 6 week group will cover core strength, mobility, technique, and progressions.
This group is for beginners and those who have participated previously.

Jen Weiss will be instructing the group. Jen is an ASFA Certified Personal Trainer and a PSIA Level III Ski Instructor. Jen has been a trainer here at Artemis for the past 3 years and also teaches our popular outdoor Body Blast Program.

Space is limited, please register at the front desk of Artemis.

10 Reasons to Strength Train

1. Build the Body You Want

You can tone your body, shed weight and feel better in your own skin. You will NOT bulk up by strength training. Excessive body fat makes the body bulky not muscle. You will increase your metabolism and burn body fat by strength training. REPLACE 10 POUNDS OF FAT WITH MUSCLE AND BURN 25-30 CALORIES EXTRA PER DAY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE.

2. Lose Weight Effectively

In addition to NOT making you the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, lifting heavier weights increases your metabolism, allowing you to BURN MORE FAT! And if you exercise regularly, you'll keep that extra weight off. 

3. Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life and exercise can play an important role in managing it. Exercise produces endorphins, your body’s natural hormones, that can help improve your mood, improve the ability to sleep, and decrease tension. Exercise can also reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration, and at enhance overall mental function. Who couldn't use that?

4. Increase Self-Confidence

This carries over to many areas of life. Emotional, physical, mental confidence will help you in everything you do.

5. Health Benefits

We probably all know exercise relieves stress in a positive and productive manner. Did you know that exercise:

  • Reduces high blood pressure by approx. 40%
  • Lowers the risk of colon cancer by 60%
  • Lowers the risk of breast cancer by 50%
  • Lowers the risk of Alzheimers by 40%
  • Decreases depression as effectively as Prozac or Behavioral therapy.

6. Other Methods Don’t Work

Fad diets, gimmick exercise machines, anything that's ever been on an informercial... these don't work because they promise a quick fix. The only real way to achieve lasting results is through consistency and change! Get real results by using your muscles and your body in a healthy way.

7. Build Stronger Bones

Because bone is living tissue, it has the ability to remodel and adapt to the physical stresses imposed on it. Individuals who are physically active have been shown to have greater bone mineral density than sedentary individuals. In general, physically active persons are at a reduced risk for osteoporosis, fracture or other ailments related to bone deterioration.  (Source: American College of Sports Medicine)

8. Lead by Example

There is a shortage of positive role models for women. Training for strength, improving your health, and becoming the best possible you is a great way to teach the generations behind us. Show them women are physically strong.

9. Set Positive Goals for Yourself

Easy to do when you strength train. Set goals to improve your performance in the gym. Don’t go with the goal of burning calories. Set yourself up to do one more pushup or to lift a heavier weight. This will create strength training as a lifestyle habit and keep you motivated as you watch your progress. Think only about beating your previous workout and not competing against anyone but yourself.

10. Bring Out the Best YOU

Our job as trainers is to bring out the best you. Each woman has their own strengths and abilities. Some women are good at some exercises, some at others. Be strong in your own right and see what is inside of you.

Frequent Sweater Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to you! Of course you all win for getting to the gym and working hard each time you come. We had quite a race leading into the last week, when the winner of the Frequent Sweater contest, Kate Lekstutis, pulled into the lead. Kate came to the gym an incredible 24 times this month (which may be more times than I came, and I work here ☺!)

It was hard to get here so much this month. But I have high blood pressure and I don’t take medication. The only way my doctor is ok with that is that I am exercising. And my blood pressure this month has been great!
— Kate Lekstutis

Second place was a tie! Rachel C and Allyson Y both came 17 times this month, and Nicole K was a very close third, with 16 times! 

We congratulate everyone who got to the gym this month, who challenged themselves to do something new and stuck with it! The board is such a great visual. 


"The 60-day Challenge was the best thing I've done for myself in years!"

"Best You" 60-day Challenge Success Story: Valerie Solof Monette

In January of 2013, I knew one thing; I had to join a gym. It was time for me to regain my strength, my confidence, my power, and the simple joy of being comfortable in my own skin. And I thought the only way to achieve those results was by slogging through miserable workouts in a conventional gym. You know, the gym: loud, smelly, unwelcoming. Full of judgment and confusing equipment. Dirty, inconvenient, unfriendly. Where you’re just another anonymous, faceless member…unless you pay extra for the slightest personal attention.

Thank goodness I failed to join a gym. Because I found Artemis instead.

The “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was exactly what I needed, at just the right time. Convenient, flexible, with caring, personal attention and meaningful results, this was a complete program that exceeded all of my expectations, launching me on a path to long-term functional fitness. Leaning on my Accountability Partner to stay on track, I quickly developed a three-day-a-week workout habit that I’ve kept up for over 3 years! Fun, engaging, varied; I’ve never loved any type of physical activity more, and I’ve never worked out harder. Now, instead of dreading “the gym,” I look forward to class at Artemis. I see my new friends, I see my mood improve, and I even see myself looking pretty damn good in jeans!

And the Challenge came with an unexpected bonus no “gym” could provide: the Artemis COMMUNITY. When I joined Artemis, I also joined a wonderful group of positive, helpful women who provide encouragement and inspiration, focus and motivation. I’ve never felt so welcomed and supported, and I’m incredibly grateful to be connected with such a warm and vibrant group, all of us striving together for our own individual measure of wellness and health. They are my Secret Weapon!

Committing to the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge was easily the best thing I've done for myself in years, and I’d recommend it to anyone, from beginner to advanced, 18 to 80+. In fact, it’s the variety of ages, experiences, fitness levels, and body types that enhance the Artemis experience. No matter what your fitness aspirations are, you can absolutely get on track to making your goals a reality with the “Best You” 60-Day Challenge!

Best You 60-day Challenge!

Turn your Resolution into Reality!

Whether you're looking to lose weight, get back in shape, get stronger, or look better in your favorite pair of jeans, we are here to help! Introducing our newest training program: 

"Best You" 60 Day Fitness Challenge

  • 60 days of unlimited group training
  • 4 personal training sessions
  • 2 fitness assessments
  • 2 body measurements
  • Nutrition and food guidance
  • Kick-off event invitation and MORE! 

We're offering all of this at a special price of $199 (value $418). If you sign up with a friend, the price drops to $169 for both of you. If you're a current member the cost is $79 if you're an unlimited group member or $29 if you're a personal training member.

The kick-off to the challenge starts Tuesday, January 12th. Sign up online or call us at 802-448-3769!

Personal Training Group for Girls


WHO: Ages 12 – 17
COST: $150 for 6 sessions.
WHEN: will be scheduled with instructors.

Are you a teenage girl (or do you have a teenage girl) ready to gain strength, learn proper form, stay fit? The gym isn’t just for adults! These small group personal training sessions for girls will focus on proper form and will bring a balance of strength, agility, speed and endurance for teens looking to redefine their limits. Training will be age appropriate and designed to increase confidence and knowledge. Girl Power!

Our StrongHer program will: 

  • Increase overall physical strength with a special focus on strengthening the knees, upper body and core
  • Expand cardiovascular capacity to improve endurance in all sports and everyday activities
  • Teach proper form and technique to protect against injury
  • Promote healthy body images

Groups must have 2-4 young women

For more information contact Cate or Kendra at, by calling 448-3769 or by completing the form below:

Parent or Guardian's Name *
Parent or Guardian's Name
Participant's Name *
Participant's Name
Parent or Guardian's Phone *
Parent or Guardian's Phone

Success Story: Fran!

I joined Artemis in 2012 because my nutritionist and doctor insisted that I needed to get on an exercise regiment. The idea, my nutritionist advised, was to balance a change in eating habits with exercise. My incentive to make the necessary dietary change and to improve my physical health was simple vanity. I would be turning 60 and I had to start feeling better. The effort has required me to be more selfish and disciplined about time for me, but it is paying off.

In two years, I have dropped 30 pounds and am close to working out 3 times a week at Artemis.

The workouts at Artemis have been strenuous and challenging. But I am approaching my 61st birthday stronger, more stable and more comfortable in my skin than I can remember. The Artemis staff – Cate, Kendra, Kris – who have worked with me in both private instruction and in Fundamentals have challenged me to do more than I thought possible. Their ability to combine drive and humor keeps me coming back.

For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the sometimes grueling effort of staying fit. I still have more weight to lose, my balance is still a bit shaking and my knees…well, aging isn’t fun. But Artemis has been a sort of elixir for feeling young and regaining a confidence that I can stand and move and take on the tasks of living.


A better plan than a diet

How many times have you lost those 5 pounds (or more) only to have them creep back on? Or “I’ll try that new diet/gym/exercise – maybe that will work for me?” Or countless other bargains and demands that we make on ourselves to get where we think we want to be.

Have you done this before? Or maybe you’ve done it over and over and over! You're not alone. 

2/3 of women who lose weight on a diet gain it back (and more) within 2 years. And, it's not that you're a bad dieter, it's because diets don't really work. Diets don't change YOU, and more importantly they miss out on the one and ONLY way to make lasting changes, which is... 
Changing your habits.  

Yes, we know it sounds completely unsexy, boring and difficult. We want a quick and easy fix! A single exercise that will reshape that problem area or magically help us lose extra pounds. If you're looking for real change and results that last, the answer is slow and consistent changes to your habits over time. Specifically, changing eating habits and increasing physical activity. At Artemis Fitness we provide a workouts that are both fun and effective and a supportive community that will rally behind you. Because we're all after the same thing... change, improvement, results!

So how do you do it?

  • Put pen to paper and write down your goal
    Be clear on what you're after and know specifically what you're working for
  • Identify behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts, in detail!
  • PLAN how you’ll re-work that habit you’d like to change
  • Start - not with the end goal, but with a smaller, achievable goal first that will lead you on the right path
  • Measure and evaluate your performance regularly
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Give yourself grace for those moments when you don't get it right and remember that you will get there!

You will only create real change by taking a very honest look at how you got where you are, what it will take to get your WANT and a smart, methodical approach to hacking those habits.

Change isn't easy, but it can happen. Be the exception.

Member Success Story: Fran

Fran has been consistently coming to Artemis Fitness for two years and has lost over 30 pounds! She says "For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the sometimes grueling effort of staying fit. The workouts at Artemis have been strenuous and challenging. But I am approaching my 61st birthday stronger, more stable and more comfortable in my skin than I can remember." Read her full story

Celebration Dinner

Thursday, November 12th at 6:15pm

All Artemis members are invited to attend a special dinner celebrating the many exciting events that have happened recently: the Iron Woman series, the 6-week challenge, and our 4th birthday! Cate and Kendra will be providing dinner and you'll receive an evite with a link to RSVP. Hope you can make it!

Pelvic Floor Health

Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:30pm
and Saturday November 14th at 11am

Do you ever leak urine when you laugh, sneeze or workout? It’s a common problem for women but it is not normal, and you can get help. Jane Kaufman, owner of Phoenix Physical Therapy will teach us about Pelvic Floor Muscle Anatomy, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment and Return to Function.

I have been doing Kegel exercises since my babies were born many years ago. My midwife coached me about how to do them, my doctor checked my tech-nique; they only helped a little bit. It turns out I was doing Kegels wrong all along! Jane Kaufman from Phoenix Pelvic Health did a great presentation on how our pelvic floor muscles work and how to exercise them. I felt the differ-ence right away and am so relieved to have that problem resolved. Thank you, Artemis, for having such good workshops!
— From a member who attended the last presentation

Free for members and $5 for guests.

Strength Training Won't Make You Bulky

One of the very best ways to lose weight and get fit is to strength train. There are all kinds of proven benefits for women who do strength training. But there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about fitness. When we start to talk about strength training for women, inevitably the question comes up: “If I lift too much will I get bulky?” or “I don’t want to use big weights, they’ll make me bulky or hulky”. Unfortunately, somehow the myth that women should use light weights and high reps to “tone up” got started, and this misinformation has become accepted.

This idea of getting bulky is a one of the biggest myths out there when it comes to women’s fitness. We want to reassure you: YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY FROM PICKING UP HEAVY THINGS! Instead, you will be lean, toned and fit looking. Just what you are after, right?

There are two main things to understand:

1) You know those familiar pictures of women (and men) who look like bodybuilders? They eat, train, and take supplements specifically to build their muscles to look like that! They have probably been working towards a goal of bodybuilding for years. It takes very specific training to look like that.

2.) When you pick up heavy things, your muscles get stronger (not necessarily bigger). Your brilliant body adapts to the demands made of it. If you pick up heavy things, and eat a caloric deficit (with the right kinds of food – actual healthy food) your muscles will get stronger and denser. You will burn the fat on top of your muscle, and you will get that toned look you are looking for. You will notice that you are able to do things (like walk up and down stairs) without getting out of breath, etc.

The Right Way to Strength Train:

We often hear that women have been told strength training is important, but not what KIND of strength training. Often, women are told to lift smaller, lighter weights with higher repetition counts.

Here’s an explanation of what happens when you do this. Some of you may already be familiar with the term muscular hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is just the scientific term for increasing in size or volume. There are two different types of muscular hypertrophy.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the kind where fluid in your muscles called sarcoplasmic fluid (which makes up 25-30% of muscle size) increases. This type of hypertrophy is responsible for an increase in muscle size, but not necessarily an increase in muscle strength. You’re more likely to achieve this type of hypertrophy from lots of repetitions with lighter weights. Light weights = increase in size! Believe it or not, bodybuilders do tons of this kind of work.

Myofibrilar Hypertrophy describes the enhancement of the muscle itself. Myofibrils are the contractile component of your muscle responsible for strength. With myofibrilar hypertrophy you are increasing the number of myofibrils and their counterparts in your muscle, making you stronger, but not necessarily bigger. This is achieved with lower repetitions and heavier weights. Overall, this is the best way to get toned and get fit.

The End Result? Longer, leaner muscles.

In addition to NOT making you the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, lifting heavier weights increases your metabolism, allowing you to BURN MORE FAT! Simply put, this is because the harder your body has to work, the more “disturbed” your metabolism gets. In this case, disturbance is a good thing! See you in the gym for some good old fashioned disturbing!

3 Reasons Self-Guided Diets Fail

Have you ever wasted time and energy and money on fad diets, weight-loss gadgets, meal plans, or trendy exercise routines only to figure out that they don't work in the long-term and sometimes they even make you feel WORSE?! You're (obviously) not alone. 98% of self-guided "diets" fail.


3 reasons:

  1. You try to change too much too fast, get overwhelmed, and give up.
  2. You develop an all-or-nothing mentality, and it's too stressful to sustain.
  3. Consistency to exercise and nutrition is key – jumping from program to program, diet to diet just confuses your body.

You might be feeling tired or discouraged of being on a vicious cycle of losing muscle, and re-gaining fat, and losing muscle, and re-gaining fat every time one of your "diets" or exercise trend fails. Or maybe you just feel like you don’t where to start to make meaningful changes.

The good news is that we offer something different. Artemis is a gym that focuses on consistency and fun while supporting you in your fitness goals. It is possible to feel great, get the results you're looking for AND enjoy the process. Sure, it takes effort. We don’t try to pretend it doesn’t. But we work WITH you to find a way of making healthy habits to enhance your life. We find a way to help you make the sustainable changes over the long-haul so you don't get burned out and feel like giving up because it's too hard.

Find out about our 30-day Trial Training Package!

About Kendra


Kendra Sowers,
Owner and Personal Trainer

Certifications: AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training Group Certification, Certified Life Coach

  1. Why Artemis? I am passionate about empowering women to be confident, happy, and healthy. Artemis is a place where women can meet their fitness goals, learn healthy lifestyle habits, and find a community of supportive friends. As a certified life coach and physically active woman, I believe Artemis is a place where woman can find a community that will nurture and sustain them so they can bring their best selves to their lives.
  2. My Favorite Exercise is planks. I love to feel like my entire core is getting into shape!
  3. My Least Favorite Exercise is mountain climbers. Give me real mountains any day!
  4. What makes me smile? Good friends, hot baths, dark chocolate, goofy kids, adults who remember how to be a kid.
  5. While not at Artemis, I'm enjoying a wacky, but wonderful home-life with with my husband and 3 kids.

About Cate


Cate MacLachlan,
Owner and Personal Trainer

Certifications:  AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training Group Certification

  1. Why Artemis? I love the idea of women coming to a place because they have a common interest, common desire and common need.  I know that Artemis is place where needs are met in a real, meaningful way and where women feel heard and confident.  Connections are hard to make in our society, we spend a lot of time alone.  I hope that Artemis will be a place where women can meet other like-minded women, challenge themselves, and grow and go back out into the world feeling better about themselves.
  2. My Favorite Exercise is the plank.
  3. My Least Favorite Exercise is burpees!
  4. What makes me smile? Adults willing to be silly, mad skillz and goofy movies, laughing kids.
  5. While not at Artemis, I'm with my family, skiing, reading, gardening, playing outside.

About Kris


Kris Gleason
Running Coach and Trainer

Certifications:  AFAA Personal Training Certification, ASFA Personal Training Certification

  1. Why Artemis? I love the vision of Artemis which is “ to create a place that encourages, supports and pushes women to reach and maintain their physical goals, while enhancing their emotional and social wellbeing.”
  2. My favorite exercise is medicine ball slams. Oh, they feel so good.
  3. My least favorite exercise is body weight rows. Ugh!
  4. What makes me smile? Sunflowers.
  5. When I'm not at Artemis I’m working at Fleet Feet Sports, coaching running groups, or hanging out with my husband, two boys, and dogs.

About Deb


Deb Rorris,

Certifications:  AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

  1. Why Artemis? I love the energy and friendly atmosphere at Artemis.
  2. My favorite exercise is the plank.
  3. My least favorite exercise is the lunge.
  4. What makes me smile? I love to laugh so I am always looking for something to smile about.
  5. When I'm not at Artemis I am at my day job at NorthCountry Federal Credit Union or spending time with my family.

About Jackie


Jackie Kahn, Trainer

Certifications: AFAA Certified Personal Trainer (in progress)

  1. Why Artemis? l feel part of a community at Artemis, not like I just joined a gym.  Work hard, challenge yourself, have fun...  All of this and a great group of women to work out with!
  2. My favorite exercise is Push Ups. You can really see your progress as you get stronger. And, when you get them you feel like a rock star. 
  3. My least favorite exercise is Bear Crawl.  It's so awkward.
  4. What makes me smile? My daughters, sunny days, dancing, the unconditional love of a dog, the view from a mountain top, feeling strong (I could go on.)
  5. When I'm not at Artemis, I'm working as a Global HR Director, hanging out with my girls or spending time with family in the Adirondacks.

About Ben



Certifications: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (in progress), TRX Certified

  1. Why Artemis? I started working in a small gym in St. Johnsbury, Vermont when I graduated college that was similar to Artemis Fitness. A small, personal gym where everybody knows everybody. Already having a little experience in working with women, I knew I would fit well in the atmosphere of Artemis.
  2. My favorite exercise is anything that has to do with the core.
  3. My least favorite exercise is burpees. Who does like burpees?
  4. What makes me smile? Just about everything, smiling is a habit! While not at Artemis, I am going for walks with my girlfriend and our corgi Waffles. I also am training for marathons.

Interview with our new instructor Alison!

We hope you will join us in welcoming our new staff member Alison Denn. Please give her a big Artemis welcome when you see her in groups. She'll be teaching the Monday and Wednesday 6am classes. Curious to find out more about her?

1. Why Artemis?

Strength training has added to my life in so many ways— it has improved my confidence, my perception of myself and my body, my general attitude, and my ability to apply myself at my desk job. I love Artemis because it is a positive, nonjudgmental community of women who develop strength together, support each other, connect with each other, and have a good time. The strength built at Artemis can help us face the physical and mental obstacles of everyday life a little more gracefully, and I love that!

2. My favorite exercise is:


3. My least favorite exercise is:

Jump Lunges.

4. What makes me smile?

Random acts of kindness, dancing like a lunatic, fresh produce, chihuahuas, watching clients and friends make progress, summer rainstorms, and the list goes on...

5. While not at Artemis I’m…

Earning my M.S. in Geology at the University of Vermont, teaching undergraduate geology labs, cross-country skiing, jogging by the lake, playing clarinet, and cooking up healthy dishes.